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Session: Structure Function
72 Maria Krawczyk Introduction to Structure Function Session
22 Maria Krawczyk Description of the photon structure function at low $Q^2$ and of the total cross section at high energies
24 Russell Taylor Measurement of the Photon Structure Function at High $Q^2$ at LEP
25 Edmund Clay Measurement of the Low-x Behaviour of the Photon Structure Function
26 Richard Nisius First Measurement of the Charm Structure Function of the Photon in Deep Inelastic Electron-Photon Scattering at LEP
27 Tsuneo Uematsu Polarized and unpolarized structures of the virtual photon
28 Jiri Chyla The relevance of $\gamma_L^*$ in hard collisions of virtual photons
29 Jiri Chyla QCD analysis of $F_2^{\gamma}$: an alternative formulation

Session: Diffraction
36 Graham Shaw Introduction on diffraction (dipole, saturation, ...)
37 Errol Gotsman Cross sections for virtual photon scattering on proton and photon target
38 Douglas Ross BFKL beyond LO
40 Hanna Mahlke-Krueger Measurement of the photoproduction cross section with leading protons at HERA
48 Angela Wyatt Energy flow between jets at large rapidity separations in photoproduction at HERA
75 Carrie Johnson Inclusive Diffraction
45 Benno List Diffractive dijet and 3-jet electroproduction at HERA
49 Rainer Stamen Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering
51 Katarzyna Klimek Proton-dissociative diffractive photoproduction of vector mesons at large $|t|$ at HERA
74 Giulia Pancheri Total cross sections for processes involving real and virtual photons
42 Maneesh Wadhwa Double tag events in two photon collision
43 Mariusz Przybycien Double tag events in two photon collision
39 Maria Kienzle Total Cross Section for Two-Photon Collisions at LEP

Session: Inclusives
8 Mathew Wing Introduction to Inclusives section
9 Pablo Achard Inclusive $K^0_s$ Meson Production in Two-Photon Collisions at LEP, and Measurement of Inclusive $\pi^0$ Production in Two-Photon Collisions at LE
10 Bernd Surrow Di-jet Cross sections in the collisions of real and virtual Photons at LEP
11 Paul Hodgson Measurement of Jet production in tagged and untagged two photon events using LEP 2 data.
12 Steve Maxfield Measurement of Di-jet Cross-Sections in Photoproduction and Photon Structure
13 Juan Terron H1 and ZEUS results on the high x photon structure
15 Christer Friberg Total Cross Sections and Event Properties from Real to Virtual Photons
16 Claudia Glasman Substructure dependence of jet cross sections in photoproduction at HERA
17 Claudia Glasman Measurement of the structure of virtual photons
18 Steve Maxfield Jets in DIS and the Virtual Photon Structure
19 Juan Terron Prompt photon measurements in photoproduction at HERA
20 Armen Bunyatyan Measurement of dijet cross-sections in photoproduction with a leading neutron at HERA

Session: Heavy Flavour
7 Eric Laenen NLO QCD calculations for heavy flavour production in two-photon collision
1 Uwe Sieler Charm production in two photon collisions at LEP
2 Anatoli Sokolov Inclusive D-meson and $\Lambda_c$ production in two photon collisions at LEP
3 Sepher Saremi Charm and bottom production in two photon collisions at LEP
4 Akos Csilling Charm and bottom production in two photon collisions at LEP
5 Karin Daum Charm and bottom production at HERA
6 Don Hochman Charm photoproduction at HERA
66 Alexander Savin Study of exclusive photoproduction of J/psi mesons in ep interactions
76 Tetsuo Abe Exclusive electroproduction of charmonium at HERA

Session: Exclusives
52 Stan Brodsky Introduction to the Exclusives session.
53 Valery G. Serbo Interference of the two-photon and bremsstrahlung production of the $\pi^+ \pi^-$ system at the B and phi factories
54 Thierry Gousset $\gamma^* \gamma$ to $\pi^ \pi^-$ at large $Q^2$
73 Daniel Haas Cross-Section measurement of tau tau- pairs in two photon collisions at LEP 2
55 Carsten Vogt Two-photon annihilation into pion pairs
58 Hans Paar Measurements of the mass, total width and two-photon partial width of the $\eta_c$ meson
59 Wander Baldini Study of two-photon decays of charmonium states ($\eta_c$, $\chi_2$, $\eta_c'$)
60 Saverio Braccini The K0s K0s Final State in Two-Photon Collisions and Glueball Searches. Lambda-bar(Lambda) Formation in Two-Photon Collisions at LEP
62 Roger Jones Search for glueball candidates in two photon collisions with ALEPH
61 Valeri Andreev Study of the $\pi^+ \pi^- \pi^+ \pi^-$ Final State in Two-Photon Collisions at LEP.Resonance Formation in Two-Photon Collisions at LEP in the $K
63 Michael Pennington Can two photon reactions tell us whether the $\sigma(600)$ is the Minkowski-Ochs glueball?
65 Sergey Kananov Exclusive electroproduction of rho mesons at HERA

Session: FLC
30 Valery Telnov Introduction and recent developments in gamma-gamma and e-gamma colliders
31 Ilya Ginzburg Why photon colliders are necessary
32 Maria Krawczyk Higgs production in gamma-gamma and e-gamma collider
33 Albert De Roeck QCD studies for a gamma-gamma and e-gamma collider
34 Pawel Jankowski Heavy quark production at a linear e e- and photon collider
35 Wilfrid Da Silva Progress towards a gamma-gamma to leptons Monte Carlo

Session: Related
67 Anna Macchiolo Search for Higgs Boson and Other Results from OPAL using final state photons (Higgs, anomalous gauge couplings)
68 Alexander Singovski Vector properties of the Central Production Pomeron.

Session: Other
69 Stefan Söldner-Rembold and Michael Krämer Conference Summary