An International Conference on

The Structure and Interactions of the Photon

Including the 13th International Workshop on
Photon-Photon Collisions

Organised by: Lancaster University.

This conference was the latest in the sequence of meetings concerning the nature and interactions of high energy photons. Details of recent previous meetings can be seen here . The 2001 meeting took place at Ascona in Switzerland.
In 2003 we meet again in Italy.
The 2000 meeting was held at the Ambleside Campus of St.Martin's College in the English Lake District.


The Proceedings have been published by AIP. Participants should have received a copy by now. Further copies are available from AIP.

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How to contact us:

Email and WWW are our primary means of communication.

In case of emergency:

In case of emergency, please ring (44)(15394) 30-300 (or 015394-30-300 if in Great Britain) around the clock. The police can be contacted at 999.

Programme of the Conference:

The first talk was at 09:00 on 27th August. The last talk finished by midday on 31st August.

The programme/timetable can be seen here, it now includes links to copies of all the talks.

Topic Convenor(s)
Structure Function Frederic Kapusta, Bjoern Poetter
Diffraction Pierre van Mechelen , Graham Shaw
Exclusives Hans Paar, Stan Brodsky, Markus Diehl
`High Pt' inclusive Jon Butterworth, Maria Krawzcyk
Heavy Flavour Valeri Andreev, Eric Laenen
Future Linear Collider Albert deRoeck


Two Review Talks were given at the end of the meeting by:

Michael Krämer (Theory)
Stefan Söldner-Rembold (Experiment)

The format of the conference was as in previous years a series of short (~20 minute) plenary presentations of recent work in the field, normally by one of the authors of the work that was being presented. There were short introductions to some topic areas. Two talks were presented at the end of the meeting summarising what we had learnt.

Social Programme:

The social programme included a conference dinner and a choice of:
Cruise We booked a cruise on a boat around Windermere. There were be opportunities to visit Lakeside where you delegates either visited the Aquarium of the Lakes or the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Steam Railway.
Walk A walk on the hills, led by our very own T.Sloan.

The conference dinner was held at Low Wood Hotel on the shores of Lake Windermere. Entertainment in the form of a demonstration of Morris dancing (a form of English folk dance) was provided.

Email connections:

A number of PCs running Linux were available to read email.

A number of PCs running Windows NT were also available.


The weather in the Lake District is strongly affected by the mountains and the nearby sea, and is therefore rather unpredictable. Temperatures can vary from 5C to 25C. Frequent and passing (?) showers are not unusual.


International Advisory Committee Programme Committee
S.Brodsky (SLAC) A.Finch (Lancaster)
F.Combley (Sheffield) J.Forshaw (Manchester)
M.Erdmann (Karlsruhe) S.Maxfield (Liverpool)
F.Erné (NIKHEF) D.Miller (UC London)
V.Fadin (Novosibirsk)
J.Field (Geneva) Local Organising Committee
S.Iwata (KEK)
F.Kapusta (LPNHE Paris) A.Finch (chair)
U.Karshon (Weizmann) R.Henderson
D.Miller (UC London) G.Hughes
T.Nozaki (KEK) R.Jones
H.Paar (U.C. San Diego) P.Ratoff
G.Pancheri (Frascati)
G.Schuler (CERN)
S.Söldner-Rembold (Freiburg)
P.Zerwas (DESY)
A.Wagner (DESY)
D.Hitlin (CALTECH)
R.Klanner (DESY)


The Conference's poster in a GIF format is available here.

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