Montage of 'E=mc²', an electric fan, Newton's Cradle and Students

Experimental Particle Physics Group

Particle Physics Master Class

Organised by the Particle Physics Group of Lancaster University

The 2009 Master Class will take place on 21st and 22nd September..

For further information contact
Mr Rob Lewsey phone: 01524 594584 email:
Dr Harald Fox phone: 01524 593616 email:

This is one of a number of such events organised throughout the UK.


The lectures will take place in the Elizabeth Livingston lecture theatre in Bowland North. A map can be found here

Provisional Schedule

09:15 Arrive on Campus.
09:30 Talk: Introduction to Particle Physics 
10:15 Refreshments
Demonstration of cloud chamber
10:45 Hands-on session in  PC lab:  The Lancaster Particle Physics Package:
Basic kinematics of particle collisions.
12:15 Q & A sessions in small groups 
12:45 Lunch break
13:45 Talk: " Particle Physics and Cosmology"
14:20 Film: "Atlas Experiment in CERN"
14:40 Talk: "The Grid - the largest computer system in the world?"
15:00 Quiz on particle physics.
15:30 Close

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