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Experimental Particle Physics Group

Resources for High Schools

Lancaster Particle Physics Package for A Level Students

The LPPP is designed for students aged 16 to 18 who are taking Physics courses. It covers topics from the common core or optional topics in the English AS/A2 system.

The web pages for the package are at:

Particle Physics Masterclass

The Lancaster University Masterclass is held in conjunction with the National Particle Physics Masterclass. The class is a one day event for sixth form students and their teachers, run by practising particle physics researchers from the department. For details see the Masterclass web-site.

Publications for Teachers

Symmetry Magazine - symmetry is a magazine about particle physics and its connections to other aspects of life and science - free electronic and print subscription.

Other Links of Interest



CERN (LHC) ALICE experiment's website
ATLAS experiment's website
CMS experiment's website
TOTEM experiment's website
LHCb experiment's website
A game/animation showing how electric fields can accelerate a charged particle
CERN's 'LHC game'
CERN (LEP) CERN's 'Keyhole to the birth of time' presentation (dated)
Hands on CERN- information about the LEP and LHC (dated)
CERN (general) Pages of CERN's 'microcosm' outreach program and visitor centre
CERN's education media page
CERN video gallery, covering all CERN projects
The Particle Adventure Interactive slideshow on the LEP. Not updated since LEP shut down.
Teachers.TV Films on the LHC and history of Particle Physics by Dr. Brian Cox:
In Search Of Giants pt. 1
In Search Of Giants pt. 2
In Search Of Giants pt. 3
CPEP (Contemporary Physics Education Project) Low price posters for schools (shipped from America) covering many aspects of high energy physics
STFC (Science & Technology facilities Council) FREE posters and resources for schools. Link is directly to Particle physics section.
Lab Reporter Videos and resources about CERN and the LHC.
School Science Resource explaining particle physics in A-level detail
Particle detectives Game similar to CERN's LHC game above, but with more emphasis on analysing the results
More resources about CERN and the LHC, along with discussions on some Big Questions
The Science Museum Game focused on 'hunting' the Higgs Boson.
Resource & text linking the Big Bang and the LHC
FermiLab Game/resource based on FermiLab's DZero experiment
LIVE collision data sets from the DZero and CDF experiments at FermiLab

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