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The proceedings of this conference will be published in Nuclear Physics B (proceedings Supplements) and will be peer-reviewed.

All participants will be sent a copy.

Instructions for the production of proceedings can be found below.


Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons, July2006, Lancaster University, UK

Dear Author,

We ask that you proofread your paper carefully before submitting as it will appear in the published volume in exactly the same form.

Please use LaTeX, using Elsevier's CRC Multiplatform LaTeX package.
Versions of Elsevier's espcrc2 package are available for:

Please use the 2-column CRC format. You will find general instructions for authors at the Elsevier web site.

Please note that if you give two separate talks, you are required to write two separate contributions.

  1. Dead line for submission – 15-30.August 2006.

  2. How many pages do I have?

    1. go to indico page of BEACH2006

    2. go to ‘Contribution List’ and to your talk. Number of pages is written under the title of your talk.

  3. How to submit?

    1. you submit your writeup in identical way as your talk, using Indico page of BEACH2006

    1. you should login and navigate to your talk files page.

    2. Submit following files:

      1. ps or pdf file of your complete contribution

      2. latex file,

      3. then all eps figures - each figure as separate file.

Thank you!

Members of Organizing committee BEACH2006.

Questions to be sent to